19 september - 20 september

Venue: City Hotel, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dinner and event information

The cost of dinner on 19 September 2022 will be covered by the meeting organizer (National Institute of Health, Slovenia). The dinner will take place at a traditional restaurant in Ljubljana.

The post-workshop event in Postojna Cave on 20 September 2022 will be organised by National Institute of Public Health, Slovenia. It is optional for those with later flights. We expect to return to the hotel at approximately 19:00 on the 20 September (the same day). The organisers are discussing how the cost for the post-workshop event will be financed.

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Please note that the event will have a report and it is possible that photography or recording may occur. It is also possible that photographs of you will be taken during the event and might be used for related communication purposes such as in SHARP JA social media or on the SHARP JA website. If you do not wish to be recorded or to have photos of you taken, please contact the organising team to the following email: anja.orehek@nijz.si or Sara.bengtsson@folkhalsomyndigheten.se

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